My 3D Print Club is a club based project designed to allow members in good standing to access 3D printer resources for their use. Our members vote on print projects for the group and have the ability to request personal print projects for themselves. The club purchases and acquires model files, printers, and printing supplies for our members. Membership is limited to insure we have adequate resources to fulfill the club's objectives.


Print Runs:

Each month, members vote on a print run to be done.  The set with the most votes will be rushed to production.



Members get 12 voting coins each year for standard memberships. A member can use as many coins to vote as they have in their vault.  Use them all at once or save them up for something you really want.  It is your choice.  If you need more coins, they can be obtained by purchasing additional coin packs. Voting allows members to influence the print runs to get what they want the most.



Members select when they want their print runs delivered.  Once finished, the prints are stored and await the member’s request for shipment.  The member decides when they want their prints delivered.  You can wait until the end of the year or get them sent more frequently.  Just remember that only one free US shipment is included with your standard membership.



Members agree to have shipments sent to a home address in the Continental United States. Any shipment requests outside of this area will be done at the member's cost and risk. We will gladly provide a quote before shipping outside the agreed shipping region.



Print Quality:

Generally all prints will be done in ABS at 2mm with infill as needed.  This creates a lightweight, durable tile that is easily painted and provides for an excellent finished product. All 3d prints will have some light ridging and artifacts, but these are normal and expected with current 3D printing processes. Painting and good model prep are important to ensure the best end results and minimize visible artifacts.



Refunds and Replacements:

We are unable to provide refunds for memberships, but we will work with our members to replace any parts that are reported defective within 30 days of arrival. Just mail the bad part back and we will inspect, repair or replace it.





Basic Set:

Each membership begins with a basic set, which includes 2 corner tiles, 2 floors, and 2 walls.  This provides a good basic entry area for any layout and with tiles acquired throughout your membership period, will allow you to build awesome layouts in which to run your games .


Advanced Sets:

Our two advanced memberships like the Royal Keep and the Guild Works begin with a larger base set. The advanced sets include more tiles to jump start your collection.  With the more advanced memberships, you’ll start out with enough tiles to build a full 25 foot X 35 foot room.


Mega Set:

Our ultimate membership is the Dragon’s Hoard.  This membership’s base set includes 4 corner tiles, 2 floors, 4 walls, a door, and a secret passage wall.  It also doubles the tiles you get each month so you effectively get 2 print runs of each set we produce that month.  With this membership, you will quickly have a massive set of components to use for your games.


Monthly Sets:

Each month, members vote to add tiles and components to the print run.  Each monthly print run usually includes 3 to 4 tiles or components. The actual quantity is based on the membership plan you chose. If you are a member during the month a set is produced, these prints will automatically be added to your stored components.  If you joined after a set has run, you can still add the components by renting printing time on the system.


Renting Print Time:

As a member you have the ability to print special projects as printer time is available. Quotes can be obtained for other files should you need something the club doesn't already print.  You will only pay for such components if you agree to the estimate.  

This means that if you’ve missed a print run or have a special one you need produced, you can always purchase run time on the system.  If you are choosing one of the club's files, then the rates are estimated to include the time required and the materials.  There are no hidden fees.


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